The “Let us know” List!

The quality of your financial plan depends on its adaptability to changes that happen in your life.

Even small things, left unchecked, can have big impacts.

As part of our work together, if any of the events below happen in your life, reach out and let us know, so we can quickly assess whether tweaks are needed to ensure you remain on track to getting the financial and lifestyle results you want.


“Let us know” list content from above image:

  • Any significant health issue that could require financial support, regardless of how minor it seems.
  • Changes in income.
  • Changes to your health status.
  • Changes to debt structure or proposed lending arrangements.
  • Changes in household expenses.
  • Developments in marital status.
  • Unplanned financial windfall or hardship.
  • Change in your working arrangements.
  • Change of residence or living arrangements.
  • Plans in the works for significant capital purchases.
  • Plans to sell or purchase a business, or enter into similar commercial arrangements.
  • Plans to sell or purchase property.
  • Family additions or new dependent arrangements.
  • Major financial purchases.
  • Financial gifting.
  • Change in any social security/arrangements or status.

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