Love can build a (financial) bridge

How to move through the Apex Advice wealth model

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The Apex Advice Wealth Model

The above model is the Apex Advice Wealth Model. This is our proven framework for the four stages of money progress.

At the top we have financial freedom. That’s basically when you can wake up one day and do whatever it is that you feel like. Unfortunately, less than 5% of us ever get to that point, through lack of strategy, structure and planning, we’re chained to our desk until we’re in our sixties waiting for our super to vest and the age pension to bail us out.

To circumvent that process, we need the next level down: we need income that has nothing to do with work, aka passive income.

The next level down is we need to build up assets over time, generally through shares and property. And then to make this process and our progress nice and sustainable, we need to have the foundation set.

So have our finger on the post pulse with our money flow, have our debts organised so they’re used as a tool (good debt and not bad debt that we’re consuming), have our risks managed both from a investment risk and a personal insurance risk…and then have our estate planning all perfectly organised so your assets are passed on the way you want.

The thing with building assets though, is on a spreadsheet, it’s best if you do it all via super because of the tax efficiencies of that environment. However, if you’re in your thirties and forties and even your twenties you don’t wanna put all your eggs in that basket because superannuation is preserved until you’re in your sixties. So, if we just focus all on your super, you will be chained to your job without that freedom.

Introducing the financial bridge

So what we need to do is get this concept of a financial bridge through our through our minds. And that’s essentially where we wanna create a flexible pot of money, generally through shares and property so that when we’re in our early fifties, you can create a financial bridge until you’re 60 that can deliver you a lifestyle. And you’ve got freedom of choice over your work status. So it might be that you take six months off a year. It might be that you pack your job in and go do a lower paying job that really lights you up. You might choose to keep working. You might have other costs like schooling that you want to use the funds for, but ultimately we’re just trying to create a bridge so that you’re not chained to your work, to your 60 without choice over what you do day to day.

If you wanna learn more, feel free to book in and have an intro chat. Thanks all.

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