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Stage 3 Tax Cuts – The Rub

The personal income tax cuts we've eagerly awaited for 1st July 2024 may be getting a makeover. The Federal Government, amid much speculation and buzz, has decided to tweak these legislated Stage 3 tax cuts. This shake-up means a broader group of Aussie taxpayers will see more cash in their pay packets from July.
Winners of the 2024 proposed tax cuts

The HENRY Dilemma – avoid the traps

It's a common problem: "I'm making good money, but I don't have much to show for it." HENRY, which stands for 'High Earner, Not Rich Yet.' What are the common traps for HENRYs, and how can you sidestep them?

You’ve got to risk it for the biscuit

Having a healthy stash of cash in your coffer can help you weather the storms and capitalise on opportunities.