How to turn your tax cuts into $200K 

3 ways to squeeze the juice from the upcoming tax cuts

Your stage three tax cut is 90 days away.

The average person will save around $161 per month with the upcoming tax cuts

Let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to let this money evaporate into the lifestyle creep trap (this is when your spending slowly starts to match any new income you earn, almost like your lifestyle is “creeping” up over time without you realising it).

But I don’t want you to fall victim to the ‘creep’.

Here are three practical options to consider for your tax cut dollars:

1. Save in a high interest savings account 

Save $161 per month @ 5%/a for 20 years with 100% reinvestment you would have $133,394.

2. Put extra on your home loan

If you were to increase your mortgage payments by $161 per month ($550,000 Loan Balance, 6.5%/a Interest, 30 year term), you could save yourself a whopping $100,432 in interest & 3 years + 7 months in time. 

3. Invest in a broad-based share investment

If you were to invest $161 per month into a broad based share investment assuming 4% income & 4% capital growth and 100% reinvested (net of fees, brokerage & tax) = $239,948.

This would also pay dividends up to $10,000 a year that you don’t have to lift a finger for (i.e. fully passive).


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Current as of 4 April 2024.

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